It Takes Both Sides For A Transaction

My folks who just sold their home are the model sellers.  And that is the operative word for this post - sellers!  They did everything right.  My previous post told you all the things they did right getting their property on the market such as having a home inspection, repairing EVERYTHING on the list, and decluttered where neessary.  Then they were on the market and wow - we had open houses each Saturday,  and they even bought the balloons for the open house signs!  We got one low ball offer and the second offer was much closer to the asking price and we countered and were accepted.  The buyers were lovely and when it came time for the BINSR, the sellers fixed EVERYTHING.  We are in the final days - the mortgage has funded and signing is next week.    It takes more than one to make this happen - the sellers have to want to SELL and the buyers want to BUY.  A negotiation should be based upon those factors.  

Thank you to all for making this a very smooth and easy transaction